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Salma Hayek

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Hayek emains consider themselves, while first actress the Mexican one with a film of Hollywood arrests to the first role since Dolores the LED River and admits equally, in order to obtain and to fix a presence burning, the beauty, that dark- he is observed with the visualization. The first role in relative Mexico born them insaponi an infuence, Emains has risked the relative complete career in order to come with L.A., in which it has fought, with the serious one to take. The relative discovery from the director of the Robert, which Rodriguez, than has formed it in the relative one desperado of 1995 films, it has given to Hayek to the relative discovery subsequently and it a reputation has won that that one of the actresses more delicious and has been filled up of Hollywood to the maximum. For being the girl of nut/mother Spanish and a libanese father, it was constantly Hayek to Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico, 2 settembri 1966. Devoutly increases to a family of that catholic, it to a college from Louis IANA to the age of 12 has been transmitted, later on having difficulty, terrorize nuns, the Hayek, that it is given back in Mexico, but was the Texas transmitted to it to Houston, for living with their aunt, in which it is remained, until that it did not have 17 years. It has pulled more subsequently in the built up center of Mexico, in which it has studied the international relationships like Koedukations of the university, but has decided, with the contrariety of the relative family over, affinchè to get rid continues to one career like actress. Beginning to the outside in the local productions of the theatre, one has moved since then with the television and has taken a role from the program, that it arrests to the first role in the popular soap Teresa of work. The happened one of the contact has formed a celebrity in the relative one pæse of origin in Hayek, but, petitioner rather more, frightened it sfiatatoi when career in L.A decides to leave the contact in order to continue one. After that the study from English and the switch of emergency of the temporary lessons with Star you receive the Aquila, breach of Emains in the first place, when Allison has formed various in a role, that Vida Loca (1993 supports in thousands). The role has left it to realize possible Hayek later on a card of the Zuenft of the filmschauspieler and therefore forming, has guided via to game, until that it did not appear on a contact of the maintenance of the cable hit of the language of the spaniard, that it has controlled exactly, director Robert Rodriguez in order to count under its visualizations of the sight image. Rodriguez has uncovered Hayek to the lower surface and it has formed it immediately in the desperado, relative the great action of continuation 1995 to the mariachi of the EL. The film, than equally the first role of the group-race of Antonio has continued, followed, also, theirs just pursuit on the card of Hollywood and with Rodriguez still for giving to that one they faith in it, when it has shown it in its formed following plan, the Extravaganz those actress of vampire of the dawn to dawn (1996). Unfortunately for Emains Hayek, the film, that it has equally arrested the first role of George Clooney, as the plans in a well-educated way one does not mean to come and of Hayek with acute it was pareillement. The body of information (1998), a client with tension of Adoleszenz which Hayek like university professor forms, that is converted in aliens, it made an exception and de Kevin Smith (1999) like, was dogma, than she it has content, MUSE of the himmlisches with succeeding with the critics and supports enough. Ulteriorly 1999, a role has had Hayek in order to arrest the first role within, than up to now relative the greater film, wild the wild one to the west of the giacimento of the sun of Barry, it would have also to be continued the first role of Smith and Kevin Kline was cause unfortunately in order a lot suggested, the film a truthahn. 2000 seen Hayek could be more small, provoked taken, including in order concatenare the independent one from commedia of the headings the weak people, in which a drehenspule has played of the centerfold of the line and the code experiences them of the period of the Figgis microphone, than has formed it, like in the love with Jeanne Tripplehorn. If these films finally did not arrange a role to Hayek to the order, that it would direct the attention on the relative applicable talent, this would modify Frida Kahlo with the previewed biography long of the tragic artist soon. With the relative role that the characters eponymous in Frida (2002 appreciate), Hayek are disappeared in the relative subject a lot in a method to ulteriorly convince that they not only gain the return to the good ones umgangsformen of the critics, but of one denomination of the gold of the zone.

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