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Jessica Alba

last update 2007-04-20
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Jessica alba Marie (* April 28, 1981 in Pomona, California, the United States) is American actress. Alba was manufactured 2000 by the max. role of Guevera in the dark angel well-known table of contents by numbers of the television of the future novels, which were constant the life span Jessica, which alba is, in Pomona. Their parents are alba the Treber, an American of the Mexican waste and Catherine Jensen, the Danish and French ancestors. Both connected in its youth. Jessica has American, Mexican and Canadian nationality. Jessica, which alba is, has a younger brother, who is designated Joshua, which is also in the dark angel before the camera. Their father was with Air Force the use, which is, why Jessica in its early childhood several times is. Among other things she said Texas to Biloxi, in Mississippi and in LED Rio, lived. Because Jessica was nine years old, their family in California had. During its childhood it suffered be-mandatory disturbance from one possessed. For the fifth year of interested alba to be functioned the life span. The Huffman luck gave it temporary lessons it, since its twelfth year of the life span participated. Last nine months later, it signed the first contract. Alba Jessica participates in the cash cash Warren, is both pairs since 2004 and expects its first child. Carrière Jessica, which is during shooting the good clamp of the probability of film alba (August 4, 2006, western Mall of Edmonton) its first role of the film took place the film, which was alienated completely at the holiday 1994. First it was only for a transmitted supporting small section, but as, they took their larger role much to more importantly different actress. Jessica easily as a child in two announcing films for Nintendo and American chain JC Penney company department of the memory. Then he was in some independent films to see to. he did three consequences to 1994 seems inside from the number of the machine with music the secret world of Alex Mack? With television. Then that time connected, it as Maya in the first two seasons of the fin of the series. Here it checked welfare-bringing that their nut/mother that rescue swimmer was informed already swimming very early. Additionally they acknowledged the spulenkern to PADI, were also from the series, which was turned to Australia, were integrated. Their discovery with alba controlled by James Cameron A produces the dark angel of the series in the max. role of Guevara, a soldier, who is modified genetically in A, for postapokalyptischen America for the good fight. Before shooting alba from Jessica indicated and learned one year for its role, among other things motorcycle running. Since at the time of the dark fields of the standard angel only one sequence of the page of the character was there from the maximum, alba Jessica was literal on the role of the body. Alba of Jessica won including/understanding the series the quite selected reward of the people (2001), the reward of the guidance of television set (2001) and rewards, which she quite selected for Adoleszenz (2001). Alba took its first success of the film with honey from the program. It followed four fantastisch, but they are for gold raspberry were designated and the city of the sin. With Paul the wanderer was inward in the blue on the large to be seen display.

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