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Christina Aguilera

last update 2007-04-15
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Maria Christina Aguilera, is an American of singer, in the first place of Equator, was carried December. 18, 1980 the New York, in the zone of the console of Staten. Today capienza of 3.5 oktaven is greater voices one in the one world. In the joined one the great one declares it to it was singers of voice" of "Little; call, gives form efficiently to the fairs, 1m56. Is ingualmente one lyric of the author of the poetry, one arangeuse and produces relati to it possesss album and, that they are determined recently ingualmente, the relative end to produce foot-cramp. It has vendido so far more, of that 35 relative million album in monde.Sommaire entire to the start of relative the applicable name, Mar_a Cristina Aguilera, it to a father of Equator (to wagner Javier the Faustus Aguilera), (the groove of Guayaquil) for the order in the army of the S.U.A. e of nut/mother of pianist and in the professor irish of the university of violinist (Fidler Coquillier Loraine) they were constant. That the posterior one Hispanic was fascinated of cultivation, was it ingualmente a compiler/translator of the time and a Spaniardprofessor. Christina Aguilera and its/it to nut/mother, victim of the action of domestiziert of the distant violence moved away from the family to the house, if small, was only 7 years to carry through the grandmother who is muetterlich of Christina. If she determined the hour more subsequently, the cares its/it to nut/mother, of that with Jim Kearns Christina remarried is, its father. Shelly and Jim had had with a child: Mickey (constant 1996). The only biological sister Christina is Raquel (1986) and the two children is Jim Casey and Stefanie. She desired that to always singer to be and are to the age of the eight, of that they started in the world of music, singing first paper of the fetching with the contact of the Tiennent of the television, if she did not earn. During she offers, she strengthened the functions in the comments of the school and the community. To the age of 10, it sang national of hymn for Steelers and the penguins of Pittsburgh and to the age of twelve, they all present the rat to it of the new of Mickey, that buds of the apprehension of Britney, of Justin Timberlake to the association with some different first o paper that, of the JC Chasez and the Keri Russell. After two years with the group, it travelled in overseas, the end to enrich talent relative as singers. First sistemazioni inscribes it in the direction of Japan and memorizzato the one pair with singer popular Keizo Nakanishi: All, this that it demands, give form to the joined reference declare inside, it had participated to one audition, the end to go when singer of the song of the subject of the film the vivid Mulan well (Disney). The memorizzato of Christina then a demonstration in a song of Whitney, of that it directly transmits it to the company the Houston. Almost during the night, Disney with infuence that future the first paper is approached, the end to announce that it sings the reflection of the section. In the same week, the character of company RCA a contract with singer and in the given register forms album, that it is vendido the 12 million copies in the entire world; Christina Aguilera. First to happen negocía them Christina Aguillera 2000. 1999 are the song of Génie in a bottle one assembled misfortune and one jusqu of the Christina with the advanced side of the sketches. Happened then, this that the girl demands, I turn myself for you, advanced (very this demands it is you). In destiny that the start would not want close to either located of person 2000 (pair with Ricky Martin), of the part of the illustration of the writing it vivid Herkules (Walt Disney) and of sig.ra marmalade (with the rose color, the Mya and the Lil ' Kim) of the writing it been musical with the film it guancie it millesima! , last vendas of the orderly will more of the version of the escape represents. After that that one album during the station where you vende inside of festivities, my loaded type of them and beyond million copies, memorizzato one album in spaniard (this more than precedes 3 million in venda of the Reflejo world of the thousands, in 300000 copies) in Spain only e, one album contained of the sections, when she was always a new person (Free" is "Just; e removed still of vendas), a ton of the functions in the contacts and the great part of the price, astonishment Christina we. As of album disseminates très/R of & Luppolo of album relative of B/Hanche as eliminated the function most characteristic generality of the extension of singer and talent relative that the author. The first specific person, Dirrty, with the device of the effect of Redman, is based for low to the advanced sketches in the malice very of a negocía to it because tourism d_noncant of the sex of the video foot-cramp in Thailand. In the pretty way, in accordance with the brano, if and it that follow, were third ricompensa of same Grammy to earn can. In the third place, the combatants, consequently show them a new full type as one very visualization of the escape of music. Destiny of Christina then, to the conclusion of the summer 2003, relative simple room, cannot we, with whom Lil ' Kim it carries through the device of the effect. The fifth brano, to the inward of authorizes the voice for inside, is really a rare fortunate one discovered. The relative Exkursion of the world, finished Christina started in consequence of summers 2004, an American of Exkursion of the north. But the health problems force the end to finish-lheo the stack in relati concerts. Still in the form, Christina is rollback for the two study and memorizzato collaborations of the news: Pulizia of the automobile with the new girl of Elliott (for history vivid of the fish of squalo of the film, the Frenchman of include/understand the troop of the fish of squalo) and posterior of the heading of Ya of the inclination ascending with the device of the effect of Nelly. Song two is received very during extremity 2004 and they will be you is followed. But Christina Aguilera does not work for relative entire music. Too much it turns the test in the direction fine-colorful and the blue one. Consequently song for you memorizzato a withdrawal of the one in pianist Herbie Hancock of the possibilities of album. During Andrea 2005-2006 Bocelli worked with one of great names in the song, in "Somos the Novios." of the track; 19 November 2005, connected it in the Giordano Bratman, with what betrothed 10 February had been and during sistemazione of "Stripped" healthful album; come to the contact of. The connection found in a screw inside is lowered of Napa in California to give after above of the sun two days of the subject of ceremony. The front day, was the section under the subject of Japan, where a new person of Christina lived. Relative dress of the connection was Lacroix christian signed. Still with the bases (sources of the rollback ingualmente) Christina Aguilera during the concert with Olympia of new is indicated to it with the third album of the singer, with the "Back of the bases include/understand in Source" who leaves 14 August 2006 in 15 France and August 2006 from the fact that Aguilera of the joined one Declares all surprises with one complete modification from the sight flown them and from the musical model. With this infuence of the seins of the album, the first role of the way unloved, had "Stripped" bought that one it with; completely even it disappears, in order to leave the law of arrest of the first role, the faschine and that it has need of every day the years, since the back the album is influenced strongly until the years 1920-30-40. It is a double disc, the 22 sequences of the development that the song of the tracks contains (2 introduction, 1 and 19). The first specific person is not the other man is a large one happening in the entire world. In the first week of its version, with the bases she still organizes with the 1. The position in edge 200 of the warning with 346000 copies outside, that they are sold in joined Declares, while relative the last eliminated album had been get exaustedded with 330000 copies for the first week. Around to world 615000 the album they have been sold in the first week. Up to now 5 million copies still have been sold to one of doubles quantity album that make, that they are sold for a feminine artist to the bases it. Beginning in the month of December of 2006, it has been transformato in in museum of sig.ra the Tussauds to London, in which man" in the scene in rétros the years it has used, not in a long dress of evening with the yellow color from alloys the interference of the gold in "Is with the song not no different; one equips. 6 Decembers 2006, Christina were to Paris Bercy for giving to one section in "Back of concert the Exkursion to the bases of Tour." There were approximately 9000 spectators. The relative European conclusions of the Exkursion in December after that an ending of month in the European cities generates them with the data the dozen including/understanding London, Praga, Paris, Anversa. To to the beginning of, the bucket of Forbes visualizes the 20 women generates them in the appearance the commerce, that excessive fortune $ 45 million - 2007 is richest than world with one. Willeaguilera di Christina 19. it is organized with $ 65 million. 20 January 2007 to Cannes, the ricompense of music of NRJ, the victories of ricompense of the artist the 2 (international women of the album and the artist internationally). These two ricompense still allow the group it, around to the sales with the bases in France, it to raise itself execute with more than 100000 copies. The singer was the equally following day an exclusive interview for the TF1 of the sieves of memory to eight 11 February 2007, Christina has gained the price for the better vocal execution in the category with the "Is disturbs not no other Man" (vocal execution of the woman of better disturbance) with the ricompense of Grammy 2007. The second "Back of the part to the bases of Tour" 20 February 2007 to Houston has been unloaded officially. Christina is scattered, in order to enter in the united one Declares, in order to introduce relative the new contact of the color in more than 40 cities. The first one "Candyman" of the world; 22 February has been formed, 2007, irradiating the demand total American for the phase (circuit electrical worker from logic to brace the resistance for the transistor on MTV)! The leg-clip during the month of January 2007 for Obacht di Matthew Rolston (fixed also of the director von Beyonc _, from Jessica Simpson, jewel...) and produced of Christina same they! A lot second time that is suggested in the design from one of the relative films (in the first place was time during "Hurt" of the installation here the leg-clip;). During the month of you open them of 2007, the singer to the side of Nicole Kidman is waits for for use in the fight against the action of the violence born them. Other women have connected it for this human movement. Filmete di Aguilera recently a werbekampagne, in order to excite people in order to work in the fight against the action of the violence of the women in the Community. This point is still emission during the relative Exkursion with the race of the bases and the television American. The singer had written a "Oh authorized of song to Mother" (still with the bases) ringraziato courage, its/it nut/mother like survival this tragedy and "I ' m. that the OK" had indicated; (eliminated), declared, the difficulties like its/it the relative effect of the father and its have lived nut/mother. It was then with a press conference with the "Back of Changhaie with the bases of Tour" this Christina has visualized that the relative following album would have to be shorter with Basics" like "Back;. It has pressed relative already a lot stimulated and decided outside, in order to last the time, that it is necessary to execute the relative one opus following.

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