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Elisha Cuthbert

last update 2007-04-17
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The former child of the SA of influence the first role of their flame, which is over continued, successfully carried lighting up to burn in its years of Adoleszenz, beauty Elisha Cuthbert of the Blondine the success of the popular mechanics for kids and is you frightened density? in a role describes on the series 24 of the FOX of the impact and the successful career of the film. A native of Calgary, which took its first work from the program, which forms to the sieved tender yearses, these was only four years afterwards, which Cuthbert knew instinktiv that she wanted to lead the remainder of their days before the training aim. After an aspect in the unit 1997, which dances on the moon, Cuthbert took a work as correspondent of the zone for the popular mechanic of the Canadian numbers of the television for kids from the program, welcomed with applause, and it accommodation checked so relevant that it intercepted the attention of the first violation Hillary Clinton, which loaded Cuthbert into Washington for a session. Although it spent the majority of its youth in Montreal, Cuthbert in Los Angeles at age moved 17, in order to continue a temporary career. Were the roles, soon as a reserved pilot in airspeeds (1998) were described and a displacement address of the time of Adoleszenz in the time with the top side (1999) to follow, and before connected Cuthbert the pig iron of the machine with music is you frightened density? 1999 were it obvious that its talent developed. Its role in the lucky girl of the unit of the education for Canadian television promoted only its reputation as starlet excessively capable Levante, and to convince soon the attention of the producers, who prepared a new number of the account for voltage for the FOX, drew his unique onscreen of the face printouts and the execution. Form like the girl of the young lady in Bedraengnisses of Jack farmer (Kiefer Sutherland), characters of Kimberly, into met vorangehen24, of Cuthbert suffered by repeated entfuehrungen and an attack at the Puma in the first seasons at the series of two. In the episode of 24, in which she divided a scene with the Puma, sent Cuthbert headlines made as the animal, that on the film positioning was really tackled and the actress, who on a journey to the hospital with a hurt hand one frightened. On the heels of 24, Cuthbert took a role, which supports in the old school of the comedy, before it appeared actual in the newer love, those by the comedies is romantic (2003) and carries by the girl the following (2004), who last ones of, which found it, in order to take to the heading as ex-porn-porn to the influence the first role, which becomes the message of the inclination to suburb boy an only ignorant one of its past.

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