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Heidi Klum

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Heidi Klum was constant in Berisch Gladbach, Germany, the 1 of January of 1973. This supermodel arrests the first end 5' 9" of the paper; with a body 35-24-34 of the temptation. It lived with the relative family in Bergisch Gladbach, "small" great city to the colony. to glide almost, if a model of the way, the one that the father of Heidi of being processes of Gunther for a company of products of the beauty, when its/it they were to nut/mother, Erna, a hairdressing salon. Heidi, during always within the then university and during 18 years, saw a visualization of the publicity in "Petra" the memory for a competition indicated "Model ' 92". His friend, that one made the end vivid to introduce some photographies and then Heidi has traveled the Monaco I gave Baviera, also to compete in the game of the television. It was peculiar fact of the idea and it never has dreammed also of the possibility of the benefit. Its alive friend to introduce some photographies. Which began like "just for fun" Competition, turned demodification of the rectangle for this pretty model, when to gain the competition. It has immediately signed a contract with the inhabitant of the city of the agency of figuration great, for three years to little. Before the American of the Atlantiks if the movements for the pagination, he gave the form in understood them of the way that Paris and Milano. Heidi hates to fly and lives on the expensive hotels, that one that they indicate to each necessity like the relative. The relative way of the celebrity must improve ways he he duration and exijiu the constant of the relative patience of talent.With and the effort, to fill with figuration, that are beginning to him, decree that flows for Heidi. It appeared in many visualizations of the publicity of the printing and included: Good Bell, Glattheit, when weber of Gerry, Amerige de Givenchy, Inc. and the great effect he with the deprived landscape of the warning of Victory. Like the one of the secrets of angels of Victory, Heidi gave the form transistion, since then that of the model to supermodel it begins and it connected ascensions of Yasmeen Ghauri, battery of Tyra, Helena Christensen and of Stephanie Seymour. When Heidi to look oneself like the paginations of the tito he of the compartments such as fiancèe, kosmopolitisch, the art of the Selbstportraits, the enchantment and ms, nenhuns could living to the small indicator of Heidi, that if the end is transformed to receive 1998 of the one aligned of bagnantesi as girls of the cover of the editing illustrated with the sport. After that the benefit of the end of the cover in the sport the memory of bagnantesi of dress is informed, the goddess of Heidi according to the sight flied the one of the arrow in the great cathedral of the star to assemble. The functions in winner of a letter represent and the city of the updated restoration that to sfiatatoi would excite appropriate to be I is not stranger if a second race is in the production. Amanecido signatoryly with the management of the model of the continuous selection, Heidi to the race provisory of the possible model and continues. For the deep one known for him, to regulate to the track the function characteristic and the relative address of the tendency, Heidi with hairstylist that the Ric Pipino connected.

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