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Natalie Portman

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Natalie Portman was 9 the constant June of of 1981, the Gerusalemme, Israel. The girl of connoisseur in the Unfruchtbarkeit and the artist, Natalie (of that the known beginning of the grandmother be/it protects ignition of him privacy), of Israel at the age of 3 and with the relative family in Maryland, Connecticut and finally in long Islanda, New York that it replaces in the left, that in its/it is always parents. Discovered from an explorer, of whom the form with an alive space of I gave New York them de Pizzatorte at the age of 11, Natalie was not excluded, with figuration and one did not wish to find the verification of the work ' another one nient. Exactly if it did not have a desire of the escape to be to the actress the Natalie it has developed an interest in the execution advanced more in which it goes to señorío of the source of Stagedoor during the execution of three summers. Relati you first vein provisory of the experiences of the summers relative to señorío of Stagedoor, where in the commentaries of the theater of a dream at night of the average of the summer, of which kabarett he was given the form, Anne of the green guide of the gear (in the paper of the name) and of the tapisserie. Natalie in connoisseur the race of the film of Natalie began the film, connoisseur (to intention Leon) with the relative paper in 1994, like hom repaired of prot_g_e one. The following year, appeared in the heat of the drama of the crime, to the lateral Pacino and aluminum the heavy Robert of Niro of bruisers and in 1996 the film, the pretty girls was considered and robbed visualization of one another pretty actress, a Thurman. Relative paper in pretty equal girl gathered summary of praise for Natalie and that year, when if it could see all in hoisted musical comedy, extreme of verziert of the paper the end to continue in the first place, everything says amors to him, as it spoils attacks! Then more ahead ignition, giving returned for the surface the plus under the papers in the films, Lolita (due to sensitivity it appreciates relative that the new agents would not have that will visualize to sex with a youth of such way) and the paper of Juliet in & of Romeo I gave to Guillermo the Shakespeare; Juliet (due to disparity in the age between Portman and Leonardo DiCaprio), Natalie rejected the paper, those in the horse of Whisperer used and determined in the station of the work the end to arrest the first paper that to satisfy to the company of Anne in the production of Broadway of which he is for him diem one to satisfy to the company of Anne. Ricompensa de Élégante for the relative execution is indicated for one. Infuence de Natalie the first paper to the interior of the wars nevertheless the paper, that one turned Natalie more of the one than the actress a Broadway directs them, of the one of the queen _ Amidala de Padm, in the Tiennent in first prethat of the first place of the paper of the wars. The relative contract of the three-film, that one the first paper of the wars with 1999' that the S Tiennent began: Episode - the threat of the ghost, turned the historical character of the film. Ironicamente of Natalie Tenir it gave the form to the first paper never directly in the films of Ausgangsder of consideration three of the wars, before that one that was constituted of George Lucas. Repére de Natalie of the university of Syosset happened summer equal of which beaucoup hyped of prethat approved. After it continued the relative paper in the ghost of the threat, Natalie CO to infuence the first paper with Susan Sarandon inside in all the part nevertheless here (1999) and the first paper in the paper of the chain to the face of Ashley Judd in the writing of the film of, that is the internal part (2000). Natalie pressed more to the interior of relati that you plant the following one was Tiennent the first paper of the wars: Episode II - The attack of the copy (2002), the cold mountain (2003), the condition of the garden (2004) and order (2004 directly). 2004 wowed of the most internal Straits of the sustenations, the law CO to infuence the first paper of Judas, of the Julia Robert and the cracked Owen. The examinación of Fêz of a zone of gold for the actress of the sustenation more better possible (in more Straits) to the house and for ricompensa of the academy in the same category for this paper was indicated. In three languages (Natalie Hebraeer speaks, English and Japanese) and to have of aspirations, of a doctor, psycology studied from Natalie to the university of Harvard and the studies in the order that suitably becomes amaneció the Universitaetshébreue the Gerusalemme during the sincere zone of the retirement (for version 2005). 2005 look like he like him ingualmente Amidala/Padm senator _ Naberrie Skywalker in the third payment they them facilities the series he prethat they them wars, the first paper the end to arrest episode III - vendetta in Sith. The relative the 2005 other regulations closes the V for Vendetta, where the smokers and Paris, they frequent them amors of Ith, that " he is indicated with the pseudonym of "the Audrey new Hepburn,; certain Natalie has a system to ignite in the race of the film before him..., if if to decide to continue being the actress who is.

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