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Amanda Bynes

last update 2007-04-10
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Amanda Laura Bynes (born 3 April..1986) is actress American and the tone host first on Nickelodeon and singer. After the publication in several series of television successful about Nickelodeon in medio-aan the recent years ' 90 and 2000s, transitioned early Bynes with a film career which is in several films starring which are addressed on tienerpubliek, container them it man (2006) and Hairspray (2007). Amanda Bynes was described by the ball of ton of forest as have a "Everygirl" the profession that "as well all is its dream of the ventilators of teenager of as they all begins again know them effective are, and they holds of him for." In 2006, it was called one of the teenager 25 stars most extreme of people "below 25", and in 2007, was on the Forbes list like 5th highest paid the celebrity below 21 $2,5 million deserving. The early life Bynes was been born in thousand eiken, the girl of Lynn (body born), a collaborator of tooth and a manager of office of California, and Rick Bynes, a dentist who stand-up also exerted the comedy. Bynes has two older siblings, the tommy (born 1974), a chiropractor, and Jillian (born 1983) which Bachelor of arts in the history of UCLA acted and too. His/her grandparents of mother are of Toronto, Ontario. The father of Bynes is catholic and his/her mother is Jewish, and Bynes referred Jewish nevertheless "not-chocolate éclair only". The Bynes career was formed like actress by Arsenio hall and Richard Pryor ate a comedy, camps and professionally started temporary at the seven age, in a publicity of television for the suikergoed to crack appearing Buncha. During its childhood, it is also appeared on the stage in the versions of Annie, the secret garden, the man of the music and the noise of music. After the catch of the classes honorerde, Bynes a regular member of ingot mould of the figure of Nickelodeon became him and them which (him in 1996). Bynes remained a regular member of ingot mould on them that until its cancellation supposed in 2000, although it is appeared in the outlines since coming and the preparations like star from its own outline of blow Amanda striking spectacle, also in Nickelodeon tone. Amanda spectacle characterizes a comic combination of skits and outlines, inclusively the speelrechter Trudy van Amanda Bynes, a judge who is based on Judy right-hand side which always decided in the grace of the young kids, and Penelope Taynt, Amanda-Geobsedeerde of a ventilator. Bynes proved its beginnings of film in 2002' S documents the spectacle with success, the large fatty liar, it vis-a-vis in Frankie Muniz played. Its first solo important role was in 2003' S what a girl, with mede-ster wants Oliver James. Later, Bynes starred in the WB network of television sitcom what hold me approximately of you and had the parts of voice in 2003' sCharlotte Web 2: The great adventure of Wilbur and 2005' S cgi animated comedy, robots. Them also mede-starred in a episode of Nightmare room like Danielle Warner, and in Arliss like Dupree crystal. Bynes is appeared on the cover of edition of July 2003 of honest vanity with nine of the young female stars most popular of Hollywood, inclusively Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Alexis Bledel, is raven-Symoné, Evan Rachel Wood, the tweelingen Olsen, and Mandy Moore. Although it is often compared with them, Bynes said that "it is as the extreme girl near the high school party is. I was never but the girl. I grew incertainement with the terrible acne and to feel. I was long and skinny. I did not feel rather at all, and the strapping men did not like even me. This why I also said Bynes in komedie."kreeg which its relatability with tienerpubliek owing to the fact that it" can descend more similar is with them that what... socialite or what ". In 2006, Bynes starred in, them it man is, a comedy which is based with the twelfth harms of William Shakespeare' S; in film, Bynes is disguised as a his/her brother to be of the team of football member of the boys to charge to the fall of the team of the girls. The producers would have liked to run initially singer Jesse McCartney as a brother of Bynes which takes the note which is disguised as a boy of a physical similarity between McCartney and Bynes, but McCartney was not available. Around the time of the version of film, of becommentariëerde Bynes which she would like to begin to appear in the riper roles, and believes that she still develops her aptitudes honorerde and to mature as actress known as which that she "improve" with each role is. Bynes is appeared in another romantic comedy, Lovewrecked which came before them it man but released afterwards, showing in bioskopen outside the United States in 2005 and 2006 and of debuting in the V.S. on the network of the family the ABC on January 21, 2007. it is also represents the stuiver Pingleton in Hairspray, a film adaptation of musical Broadway even of the movie name, which was its first musical role, started with film in Toronto in September 2006 and on July 20, it was freed, 2007 has, explained Bynes that she enjoyed the part in large ensemblemovie "in pret, of appearing original. Bynes starred in another comedy, the white of Sydney which is freed on September 21, 2007. The film was based on the white of snow and the seven dwarves, with Bynes a first-year student playing in the university the Greek system, mede-starring beside Sara Paxton and tern long. As an originator in 2007 inktte Bynes a five years agreement with Steve & Barry (this is the offer of service outside its traditional university clothing and the sweatshirts) increased to carry out to its own line in manner, "best" clothing made up and belongs. The line which it is launched in storage August 16, 2007. The Bynes granting gained the granting of Blimp at the time of the granting of the choice of the young Nickelodeon kid four years in a line, since 2000 until 2004 for favorite Actress of television in 2001 for all that, favorite Actress of television in 2002 for Amanda spectacle like the next year. In 2003 it received Blimp for movie Actress for favourite the large fatty liar and also gained another Blimp in 2004 for movie Actress for favourite what wants a girl. Bynes was also a part of Hairspray the unit gains at the time of the granting of the choice of the 2008 critical ones. The personal life obtained Bynes independently of the course of thousand schools eiken high of a diploma (although them Reina van the high school in thousand eiken for what attended time) and a wish expressed to attend the university of New York in the near future. It was moved short in an apartment in Hollywood, California, but on its house of family returned since. Bynes is geinteresseerd in the drawing (it painted once a portrait of David Letterman like gift with him.) and the project in manner which, commented on that it is "the girl with whom larger nightmare my makeupzak should lose while the voyage." Bynes encouraged 21.3 April..2007 and expressed against to be other savage a Hollywood star. "I think myself so much much of leaving since I have one day left... what is not. I hold to dance and fill, but wood is not well not for you in each way. It is not well not for your skin; it returns you to it horrible feeling. Thus, drinken-wijs, not none ". It reinforced these ideas by the summer of 2007, on the conference the tone the circle, and in much of conversations of press. Them it told access "I do not support Hollywood, of am with my family and the friends, and of duty for near the clubs being to me." In a conversation in December 2007, Bynes detailed how his/her parents taught it about alcohol.

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