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Britney Spears

last update 2007-04-12
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Britney Jean Spears (McComb (Mississippi), 2 December 1981) is American tragoudj'strja the constant part of lathe, songwriter, the dancer, the actor and that is included author the youth Spears has been educated as a Southern baptiste in Kentwood (louisiana). He is the girl James Parnell Spears and Lynne Irene gefyrw'mata. His brother, Bryan (given birth in 1977) are his directors, and his brother, Jamie Lynn (given birth in 1991) are actor and tragoudj'strja. The grand mother of him his mothers arranges, Lillian Woolmoore (1924-1993) a English bride of war that grand-pcre Spears, Barnett the Field has met the gefyrw'mata (1919-1978), in England at the duration the second world war was. Arranges grands-parents fathers of June jtain aoe was Spears (given birth 1930) and Emma Jean Forbes (1934-1966). The career Britney Spears at the duration of action in 1999. in the age of seventeen years, Spears in 1999 has reached in first placement hitlijsten jtats-Unis and the United Kingdom with single... le bébé EMU More Time. In Down Country too, this numeration has acquired the numeration 1-positie. First his called album... baby EMU More Time sells worldwide the millions of copies. Also his second album Oops! ... I Did it Again deals a big number that is sold plates and hits. The third album Spears that hears the name Britney was also a big success. His fourth album is presented 18 November in 2003 and had the name in the in the region. With a numeration of this album, Toxic, the first Grammy of Award reaches in Spears in 2005 in order to it acquires for "meilleure dance Recording with which ayto'es Kylie Minogue a length voorbleef. At the duration of realisation of baljdj'smatos of video Outrageous (with which has collaborated with Snoop Dogg), ayto'es a heavy lesion of knee charm whoever ayto'es wereldtournee his, "The onyx do not have it can they finish the" hotel the tour, they have touched. In November in 2004, his fifth album ayto'es has lansa'rej under the title Greatest hits: My Prerogative that it has emitted also single the same name of (in this balj'djsma inter alia a role for meanwhile man Kevin of Federline has been placed cttj). Later the album has come out has left Spears via his official placement to reach a interruption of calm in it links closely most minimum one year because his first pregnancy. This later interruption, it existed many rumeurs his that of new album you come, but this it has been postponed because his pregnancy. Alone lisa, Chaotic, Someday (the Will Understand) and with regard to the You I comprehend it has in that moment already jtj for new album. Antj' a new album, the B in in the the mix was: The Remixes in Jive record emitted for "new fans that material you give. The four numerations have come in a benefit Spears "dvd personal Britney and Kevin: Chaotic. His sixth album B in in the the mix: The Remixes has been emitted 25 November in 2005 Jive record. This album has been emitted grandiosement so much that the other album Spears thanks to that this a very big success also has not become. Nevertheless has been sold more the 1 million of his copies of this of one of promotieloze album. From sixth album, Spears has dealt with the repetition of new album. In in the May in 2007 it has given a number of agreements under the name The K and that becomes known with s in in augtustus, from different mjdias that the album 13 November and first single, Gimme More, they were emitted in September. Nevertheless, in in the last one it has granted the August known gj'nontas that single would begin at the duration of opening of club of night. Spears has opened the MTV the video Music Awards 2007 with a action Gimme More. there had raised the hopes of intervention, but has disappointed. Britney has not appearred interested and nervous. 5 October, known burned that Blackout is the title of new album. Gimme More, first single Spears the "new album makes a good this. The balj'djsma has begun trl and from has goes ascendant this with Gimme More. N 1 in in the iTunes has reached single. Certain weeks front Blackout has come out, the escapes of a lot of numerations thanks to that "Rush-Release were for 30 October. It has been announced officially that piece or I was second single. The balj'djsma of my piece or a lot of has is received more favourably, because Britney a lot of has given better. Piece or him I make also good means in hitlijsten. Certain weeks are announced later that break the new Morals single they will be jtjs. 26 January, Britney has gained a NRJ music award for "better international album for Blackout. It has covered Amy Winehouse with "arrière Black, James Blunt with" all The décharge Souls, Mika with "life in in the cartoon Motion and Rihanna with" Good Girl Spawn a prié. 14 March, Britney' new s single break the Morals in first in a placement that it has they are in arrested specifically where for the occasion it has it goes, fans it has it can it examines balj'djsma of video and it speaks in a chatruimte. _ break the Morals be also Britney' the s first song with you manage the balj'djsma, in in which Britney if it came out superheldin present be also komaf make with heleboel worlds, which in in his street come. The work and criticism from that is realised Britney Spears the work are often presented as the classic example of constant part of lathe hit-parade: the music of constant part of lathe with which the success in all first place in the sale and airplay hitsingles, the individual that (at least for a important part) becomes from the professional directors and that are addressed specifically in the new adolescents is in pondered over late. Mainly his two first album, satisfy from Swedish produced maximum Martin, in this profile. Despite (or likely correcte charm) the jlevjs numbers of sale the criticism of compaction of constant part of lathe with regard to them album was calamitous. His third and fourth album nevertheless has shown a clean development to other style: the song, Olympic Airways. The Neptunes produced and gjatin first time with the musical contributions Spears - in deed, it was his also more osjment and picture it has been changed.This has carried out in a evaluation more favourable in the modification in the criticisms of constant part of lathe affecting. Despite the insistent scandals round Britney Spears, the egkwmjastjko' album Blackout is received by the criticisms. Have sold world Spears the 85 millions of plates the numbers and record according to the international federation or the Phonographic Industry. According to, Spears is from the numbers of his sale from 2005 the news "Queen or the constant part of lathe. Spears finds in the numeration eight means in the enumeration of feminine artists more well venderesses jtats-Unis. It is I distinguish tragoudj'strja that have imported the four first album of in the numeration 1 in in the billboard 200. in the e'oys are Spears, madonna, Cjline Dion, Mariah Carey, whitney houston, Shania Twain and the Dixie Chicks distinguish tragoudj'strjes that "multiple has reached in the" diamond of (more 10 millions it has sold the copies) with one or more album (t). Spears has in deed two: The baby... EMU More Time et Oops! ... J Did it Again. Spears is the holder of record as "the artist newer that (in the age of 17 years) with his first single and first new album in the numeration one in one day has come Billboard-lijsten. Britney is that is sold holder of record for "Greatest hits the album in has granted in Great Britain (115.341 copies with Greatest hits: My Prerogative). The baby... EMU More Time single that is better sold in Great Britain in 1999 is also he more well finds in the numeration 24 means in the enumeration singles venderesses in Great Britain years all he exists he has epanafecej' more the $145 millions concertkaartjes, more in the $30 millions, he has been sold in the merchandises at the duration of agreements (souvernirs etc), worldwide more the 42 millions of dollars in singles and more the 47 millions of dollars in emitted album. Were the 5 times person that visits in one year via (2002,.2003,.2005,.2006 et 2007). Britney has gained first his Grammy in 2005 for "better dance song with the numeration Toxic. Is Spears the feminine artist the more well supplier "the 00 (2000-2005)? it has been named as the "woman of century from VH1. According to Forbes, nettowaarde Spears the roughly 150 millions of dollars is. Privjleven from now and up to 2004 Spears has taken enough tijdje later that achieves third hitalbum it recovers Crossroads in 2002 the film and repose you come later his interruption with Justin Timberlake (Sync). Crossroads has walked legitimately. In a first time Spears it was popular under the conservative part of American population, because ayto'es that is explained as virgin to want pantrefcej'. Justin of Timberlake of what vriend is explained a certain time later had ontmaagd his. Remarkable other make that in the subject, was tongzoen with the madonna at duration of MTV video Music Awards in 2003, for a long time. 2004-2006: The marriage, the children and the separation that is caused beginning 2004 Spears ophef 2 January in a bui stul to wed with friend of youth Jason Alexandros and 5 January later the afterwards violence 55 hours to wed, his to separate. 18 September, has pantrefcej' gjati second time in one year with the dancer Kevin Federline (26) that it has already that precedes the relation with Shar jackson two children. 12 April in 2005, Spears has made acquaintance that it was e'gkyos. 14 September in 2005, has given birth called sean Preston Federline of threads. 9 May in 2006, Spears has made acquaintance of that it was e'gkyos second child. The halves threads more his, Jayden James Federline, have not been given birth 12 September the 2006. still two months later, 7 November in 2006, early ayto'es a separation that it has as the cause "insuperable disagreements. 2007 and 2008: The personal problems in January in 2007, divine Spears with that it had a very good relation, mete'pejtae'nan long fight with the cancer sti'coy, it has died. Later the weeks of intense behavior, multiple utilisation alkoo'l and sexual exploration, Spears it has been returned to afkickkliniek. Ayto'es the clinic has abandoned the day and it has it goes to Angeles aposyndeme'nos xyrj'sej in the clean hands there his head in a report of ko'mmwsis, aussi has taken the same evening still two new tatoeages. Moreover, aussi still a time ayto'es with a umbrella a car has harmed in that this moment has remained gjatin third time in in the clinic, with the affair that if he would not remain, man Kevin of Federline would bring a enterprise of right for the guardianship of his two children. 21 March in 2007, Spears clinical redundancies were where has seaten from 25 February in that moment ayto'es his treatment has completed with the successes. At the duration in July and that appears August Spears so disputed behavior under which a attack with a umbrella in paparazzo. Later a enterprise of right enough months, the court has found that in September Spears has become the guilty utilisation "persjvjramment, multiplement and all time of sedations. It has been compelled to collaborate in the unexpected sedations - and the trials alkoo'l, and to the treatment of family that it goes. Spears and Federline have kept also the two guardianship in a under terms base. Certain days more recent Spears have been accused officially a offence of make you continue the street later a accident and it leads without the authorisations to lead. 1$os October, acquaintance that Spears has should grant provisionally the guardianship with regard to his children from 3 October Federline. In September in 2007, has brought single "Gimme more and his new album Blackout. Later Gimme More Piece it is also, or, break the already emitted Morals me it is expected beginning April. Evening 3 January in 2008, the police has become the call to want it resolves a conflict of family with regard to his children, a certain time has been removed from a ambulance to Cedars-Sinai the Medical Center because it was it has ypobjastej' under the influence of it is unknown substance. Life and the style have made later admitted that the trials of blood have shown that they were not under the influence. Next has been kept still one day for the psychological observation. 31 January in 2008, Britney Spears has been removed again with a ambulance to the hospital, because the mental problems. The objective was that jtoile the constant part of lathe 14 anaktoy'tan days for the observation in in the mental clinic, but 6 February in 2008 have can abandon the hospital. 23 February in 2008, Britney is assembled with Kevin Federline up to a agreement: it can visit the two children of en pa'si perjptw'sej still a time. If it is presented well pa'ete, exists a big probability that it can visit more often his children, but i'ako'mi in in the precise conditions. The representative Kevin Federline says that Britney should thank this in his father. Britney' s parents hopes that if he can retrouvailles a time his children, will be a positive influence in the mental treatment of his treatment.

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