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Lindsay Lohan

last update 2007-04-23
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Lindsay Morgan Lohan (constant Lindsay DTE Lohan), was 2 constant July 1986 to New York, in joined Declares, is a name of the actress of the card and the singer to am_ricaine.Sommaire Indentity: Name De Lindsay Morgan (constant Lindsay DTE): Girl of Lohan of: Sullivan dyne and siblings of Michael Lohan: Michael (16 Decembers 1987) and the Dakota (june 16, 1996) S?ur: Date of the birth of Wings Lohan (22 Decembers 1993): The 2 July supports 1986 eyes: blue hats grays: Red color of Renette of the instrument: Cuts of the Guitarre: 1m65 the biography of Ain_e of 4 children, was constant it in the new artists of the family of the Italian Irish of Yorkean. Theirs nut/mother, Dyne, danced in the troop of music-resounds of Rockettes via radio of the city of the customer, before in the periodic banns of the television are illustrate to you; the father of its/it, Michael, give the world in the periodic publication have the very famous turns. Lindsay Lohan has begun a lot soon the relative career all in the rotating announcement films like 3 years. It makes with then divided them from the constant images of Walt Disney of the family from the films which To towards outside four, uneven friday, or recently it turns the ladybird. It equally turns to satire on the youth American, Lolita in spite of the I, happened in joined Declares has. Scariche, relative the first album then speaks to the extremity beyond 2004 and to the sales more than a million than material of the joined champion in It declares. It leaves the new individual in the month of October of 2005 of the confessions ago to interrupt to the inside, that it is meant for their father. Relative second the album, (proportion little more staff of the READING of the WINE) of 6 joined December 2005 in Declares, it more small even if being first album is sold and it is not gift in some way more in "Signal the 40" two weeks after the relative escape. The relative return to the cinematografo, in the month of May 2006, the right of the film my probability, equally is reduced a lot, with only little more than 38 million dollars the sistemazione in entire world 1. Then it is invested from the independent films, plus public of the adult, like understood them 27 directed, where they game the part of a connection close of the Meuchelmoerders di John Lennon or the official of police, on the homicide of the candidate for the presidency of the joined one Declare Robert Kennedy. Grippa relative the first measures to the world of the way with therefore to in agreement-is of transformarsi in in egery the Italian marcatura Miu Miu (filial of Prada). In happening it counts a new album to the beginning for the summer for the plans, 2007 it projects to you and after that finally pressed to 2008 as the new films sifted, that they are programmed a lot during 2007 and the 2008 anniversaries. Lindsay Lohan has gained 23 saturdays February 2008 "gold a lot within the Raspberry" demand;, recompencing, for being the actress of the falschste of the beauty of the anniversary to the relative service of the "I of the film, it knows, that the me" it has destroyed; (recompences for the raspberry of the gold of falschsten the film of the anniversary) of Chris Silverston (raspberry of the false gold of the r_alisateur)2 prepares the current a human travel in Africa with the support of the Red Cross American. The remains of plan that is executed. The classified duration the shape regularly the cover of people of pressed second the problems with the father of its/it (who in the prison was), the relative lessening in the weight, the relative sprayed nights. People of the pressed one lend many feminine adventures maschii and to it. She has come in the first place in the experience, with processing of the econtamination within in the relative dependency with the water ragia filling up intermediate January here, of 2007 and has admitted this method according to the landslide of the relative sessions to the alcoholics anonymous. May 26, 2007, destroyed the mechanism of the relative BENZ of Kabrioletts impressive MERCEDES to it and a Plasterung over affinchè the luminous wounds is Lindsay then ordered Lohan to the hospital for the instruction in a condition of the poisoning has been interrupted. The resistance of the police has equally found the "usable" to the amount; Cocaine in the automobile. According to the state American it was immediately relach_e a lot with the offer of the relative possible judgment. More subsequently, it has represented two days during the 45 days with processing of the econtamination an expert mechanism of Malibu. 20 July 2007, Lindsay Lohan has gone to the resistance of the police, that it has been accompanied from the relative lawyer. The relative function, before that the judge then is regulated to 20 August 2007. Little before the platform 24 July 2007, approached of load the resistance of the police of Santa.monica with the call of sending oats of Michelle, in which nut/mother of Tarin, the relative personal attendance, that it has compensated determined front hours. It finds Lindsay Lohan and oats to send of Michelle on a carpark in the support of a violent argument. The alcool content of the spirit of Lindsay Lohan, that most advanced one to California has certifyd the marking out, that it is resistance of the police, can dig it and the fortunate discoveries in the relative bag from the small amount cocaïne3. Lindsay Lohan is indicated for the instruction in one condition of the poisoning with a moved authorization and in a possession of the cocaine. The messages of the CBS have indicated that one has concurred Lindsay Lohan more subsequently determines days to you with the circus of the carrozza, a decontamination center in Sundance over (the Utah, joined Declare). It is the relative third party that processes 2007 August 23, 2007, pled guilty Lindsay Lohan to the times of the relative function to the court of Los Angeles. To a day of the fixed prison, to a general interest of operation of 10 days, to some hundreds the fine dollar has been condemned and with a formation course, that it has been organized from the inspector of the doctor, includes/understands the presence of one mortuary room and from the arguments with the parents of the victims of the managers in one condition of the poisoning. The relative period of the test locally has been determined to three years of the maximum and must an educational program over the water ragia follow, that they go of new to 18 months. 5 October 2007, Lindsay Lohan has left the center of the econtamination.

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